A Raisin in The Sun

Topics: A Raisin in the Sun, Selfishness, Dream Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: January 9, 2014
Dreams in the Raisin in the Sun
In Lorraine Hansberry’s play , A Raisin in the Sun , she uses the Younger family to show that as individuals strive to reach their dreams they often disregard the aspirations of others but they may eventually learn to support one another in attempt to better their lives. In the play Walter Lee was so excited and thrilled to buy a liquor store the one he had always dreamed about, but he did not realize that just like he had a dream his wife, son, mother, and sister had dreams they hoped someday they might accomplish. But Walter was blind he did not realize, and when he does was it too late! In the play, A Raisin in the Sun, we were introduced to many characters. We learned that the Lee family was a low income family and if they had something that kept them going it was simple hope, from that one day they would get a better home , become a successful doctor , go to the best school and lastly buy a liquor store. Walter Lee is the head of the family, being the only male in the family, his wife, Ruth, son, Travis, Mother, and lastly his sister Beneatha. Walter was excited in the beginning of the play when he discovered that a small liquor store he has wanted for a long time is for sale. He had always dreamt of having a small business of his own. And with his mothers check coming with ten grand, because of, Mrs. Lee’s husband’ death, he thought it was the perfect opportunity for his to accomplish his dream. Sayed Abdelmawjoud Said in one of his writings that “Lorraine Hansberry points out that the deferment and collapse these dreams can be positively exploited to strengthen blacks and help them restore their long absent manhood and dignity in America. She has pigmented her characters with doggedness and insistence. Written on December 31st 2012, 2012 Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture. “ Walter Lee Younger is a selfish man. For example, when Walter is talking to his...
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