A Property of the Clan Essay

Topics: Peer group, Tell, Protagonist Pages: 2 (888 words) Published: December 1, 2012
I have chosen to explore the theme of Peer Pressure from the text “A property of the clan” and the film “Thirteen”. In “A property of the clan” peer pressure plays a major part in the unfortunate events that unravelled within the play. This is most evident in the scene, when no one knew what had actually happened that night of the party, except those who had committed the act, and Jared. Page 28, Jared confesses to Ricko that he had witnessed the raping of Tracy that night at Black Rock. But Jared had not said anything to anyone as those who committed the felony, were in fact his friends. Jared tells Ricko “It's a madhouse. Davo and them running round saying don't be a dobber, and then the posters on telegraph poles. Shame Black Rock Shame.” This cleary portrays peer pressure as he feels as though he needs to refrain from telling the truth, to not be labelled a snitch. And he is put under more pressure considering the fact that they are his friends, and he believes that he cannot go against them, even if it is the right thing to do. After Jared tells Ricko what he had saw, Ricko gets defensive and tells Jared to keep his mouth shut. “Forget you even saw it. Nobody knows you were there. It's just the way things happen.”. Jared respons with “All right!” This represents peer pressure as Jared is put on the spot and being hassled not to tell anyone what he had seen. Jared's response with “All right!” shows him giving into peer pressure and is listening to what they are telling him to do. Powerlessness is shown in this scene by the main character Jared, as he is the vitim in the situation. This is shown mainly with the use of language techniques. For instance, page 31, “Not a word. Not a name. Not a single fucking name. Get it?” says Ricko. The use of slang and cursive lauguage by Ricko portrays aggressiveness toward Jared, putting Jared in a powerless state as he listens and just goes with it, not saying one word. Also, this use of launguage portrays Ricko's...
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