A Program to Help the Children

Topics: Ghetto, Teacher, Education Pages: 3 (1255 words) Published: February 12, 2014
A Program to Help the Children
In life there are many negative factors that can contribute to affecting someone’s life, but it’s up to that person to rise above those factors. Both LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman show how negative factors can affect people’s lives in their book, Our America. LeAlan and Lloyd are two teenagers who live in Chicago's Ida B. Wells Housing Project, who tell us their story about living in a ghetto community. These two authors speak of a different America, one where there are crimes, murders and drugs, but they show that if one works hard enough, he or she will be able to rise above those factors. Even though many ghetto communities are suffering from disadvantages such as lack of education, there are many ways to help these communities receive positive opportunities. This can be seen through one program set up by Louisiana to help disadvantaged children in the ghetto. Introducing this program to the kids in the book, Our America would improve their lives in many ways. In part one of Our America, we are introduced to LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman who both live in a broken family household. They describe their life living in the “hood” and all the dangerous factors that come along with it. Every day there is a new crime, or shootings that happen in the neighborhood, but it’s never something new to hear about, because it occurs all the time. Throughout the reading, I learned about what it’s like if I were living in a ghetto area. LeAlan states, "If you live in the ghetto, when you’re ten you know everything you’re not supposed to know”(33). I agree with this statement because children in the ghetto are accustomed to seeing crime on an everyday basis, so that is all they know. But even if there were these negative factors around me, I wouldn’t let that affect my future, which is exactly what LeAlan and Lloyd are doing. They are taking advantage of the fact that they can receive an education which will help them get out of their ghetto...
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