A Personal Experience in Banking Education

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Freire Rough Draft
English 1010
Prof. Fischer

“A Personal Experience in Banking Education”

After a difficult transition into high school I eventually made it past the dreaded freshman year. I felt as though I could conquer the world. I was awarded A’s and B’s through my hard work. Better yet, I supposedly had the best English teacher a Sophomore could be assigned. I hesitate to use her real name thus she will be referred to as Mrs. Doe. Students would rant and rave about how easy the class was. “All she does is read examples right off the exam,” they would say. I was thrilled about the prospect of obtaining an easy A. As I sat through a few weeks in Mrs. Doe’s class, I realized just how much I had been cheated. Banking education negatively affects the way we learn.

The concept of banking education brought on by Paulo Freire, a world renowned educator from Recife, Brazil is a detriment to the educational system. The students, Freire would say, “patiently receive, memorize, and repeat. Students are considered ‘receptors,’ which the teachers or ‘oppressors,’ fill with how they see the world. Freire would say that in regards to this style of teaching, “education is suffering from narration sickness” (318).

After the 2nd week of school I became numb to the teaching method of regurgitating back to Mrs. Doe her lectures ad nauseam. She attempted to teach how certain works should make us feel, and what symbolized what. Freire would say that this greatly hampered our ability to think authentically. To Freire, cognition can be broken down as such, “Authentic thinking, thinking that is concerned about reality, does not take place in ivory tower isolation, but only in communication” (322). As students in her classroom we were isolated in her own thought without communication. Freire was extremely passionate about the importance of communication. He believed that it was essential to our very nature to communicate as he said, “Only through...
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