A Pair of High Heels

Topics: Culture, Western culture, Sociology Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: December 19, 2012
I still remember the moment I found my grandma’s old high heels. “Wow! That’s beautiful!” she smiled and said, ”yes, that’s my first pair of high heels, I received them as a gift when I was a young lady. Before that I never know there had been such wonderful shoes in the world. I preserve them because they’re my only high heels, women were not allowed to wear them until a few decades recently.” I feel happy for her, thanks to the impact of western culture, she enjoyed the beautiful shoes, and also, could get out of home, wearing those beautiful shoes, to go to school, to go to work. I feel happy for us, too. Thanks to the close connection between different cultures, we enjoy Chinese tea, and creamy coffee. We appreciate the Confucianism, and liberalism. We know how important modesty is, and never give up competition. They’re all good things about culture intergration, like surrounded by all kinds of amazing flowers, we always find new stuff and appreciate them. Some of you may ask me: How about culture diversity? Do you want to abandon them? No, never, what I want to tell you is, ladies and gentlemen, culture diversity is not only kept in museum, but also in our blood. Every day we think and behave in Chinese way, this can never be changed even though going abroad. It doesn’t matter that we listening western music, eating western food, using iphones. People those who reject culture intergration is rejecting challenge. Nowadays it’s impossible to escape from contacting with other cultures, and on the base of acknowledging, we make choices. Every culture has to get through the challenge. When I read my country and my people, Lin Yutang’s attitude inspired me. in the circumstances of social reform, some people lost the spirit of their own culture while others persisted contempt towards western culture, but he observed both cultures objectively. This is the self-confidence, in my opinion, only we’re confident enough, can we judge them calmly, admire them heartily,...
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