A New Beginning and Doris Lungasto26yrsstudent Calm

Topics: A New Beginning, Maggie Grace Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 27, 2014
SLIM POSSIBLE 5 ORDER OF REVEAL NAMEAGEDESCRIPTION1.Angeline Kinyanjui37YRSExport business Wants a new beginning in life 2.Begun Oduka22yrsStudent Wants to look her age Afraid of getting lifestyle diseases at her age 3. Caroline Kibet31yrsBusiness lady Competing with hubby to loose weight 4. caroline kisilu39yrsCaterer Cant afford new wardrobeneeds to fit in her old clothes. cant fit in a bathtub 5.claire Njeri36yrsPilot Wants to keep up with her new born son also her weight is affecting her work 6. Cynthia Nyaure22yrsStudent can snack on more than 15 sausages in a day. 7. Doris lungasto26yrsStudent Calm, wants to look sexy 8. Elizabeth Achayo29yrsHas never felt like a lady.. 9. Esther Mayeka43yrsSells re usable sanitary towels.. Wants to loose 40kgs 10. Fauzia Waithera20yrsJobless but not idle... When she walks with her friends, people usually think she is the mother 11. Jackline mueni26yrsOwns a small biz. Cant carry her weight12.Janet Akinyi37yrsBusiness woman Hubby left her because of her weight. kids are ashamed to be seen with her.13. Jane Mulanda30yrsHas come for all slimpossible auditions.14. Lillian lutta Black Mercedes 27yrsHas a tiny fiance, Wants fiance to be able to carry her on their wedding day.15. Lisa kaburu25yrsClerical officer county speakers office Cant conceive, been trying for the last almost 2yrs 16. Maggie Njeri30yrssalesperson Has lost 7 kgs by following slimpossible 4 wants help to loose some more17. Margaret Nyambura 22yrsstudent Was once miss parklands 18. Norah Okech32yrsKinyozi Does not feel good doing her kind if work, which involves interacting with her customers 19. Miriam kiloko36yrsBiz lady, Family has history of diabetes.. Wants hers sexy back 20. rosalida Achieng26yrsBasket ball coach Wants to be fit for her job. Boyfriend left her21.Ruth Ngei43yrsWants to be more flexible, to walk faster when selling her condoms
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