A Monsters Lesson 02

Topics: Germanic peoples, Middle Ages, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Amanda Ford
English IV-12-Bailey

A Monsters Lesson 02 Literary Background of Beowulf

1. What are three key things you learned about the Middle Ages in this lesson? Please besure to include at least two complete sentences for each one.
A. Chivalry was very important in the middle ages. Most things in their lives were focused around the chivalry of the residents.
B. The most important people in the communities were the Lords . They had the best homes and defense. C. The Lords had a huge garden with herbs and vegetables. Every night the whole community would gather in the Lord's dining room for a big dinner. 2. fPlease be sure to include at least one complete sentence for each one. A. How did they create the letters in the alphabet?

B. How did they travel?
3. In one paragraph, describe how the language of English evolved during the Middle Ages. What were the influences that changed it over the years? Which ethnic backgrounds wereinvolved in this evolution? Please write at least four sentences for this response. A. English is an ancestor of Old English. Old English was evolved through the influences of Celtic, German and Latin. The Celtic origin came from the Celts, which occupied England until 55 B.C. The romans then invaded and brought with them their Latin influences. In 410 AD the Anglo-Saxons took control of England. In 797, the Normans (who were called the Vikings)invaded the English land and brought with them the German language.
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