A Midsummer Nights Dream Journal

Topics: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Love, Helena Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: February 27, 2013
I am personally not a big fan of Shakespeare although by reviewing the play A Midsummer night’s dream, I’m starting to like Shakespeare’s different ideas and how most of his writing and plays involve falling in love and such. This play is mostly about four couples falling in love with the wrong person because they were potioned by a magic fairy in a forest. The setting of this play mostly took place at a forest and the time was night when the play reached its climax. In the beginning of the play, I felt like it was just one of those Shakespeare’s play where there are more dialogues than actions; but as the play keep progressing it started to get a little more intense and enjoyable to read more about the play to find out what might happen next. The part that i found to be really interesting is when the fairies put the magic potion on the wrong person’s eyelid’s and later on he woke up and fell in love with the first person he saw. That caused a lot of conflict where later in the play Hermia was jealous over helena due to the fact that both guy are going after her and challenges her to a fight. As the night progressed, Lysander who Hermia loved is chasing Helena because of the magic potion that was cast upon him and demeitrius. Later in the morning, the potion wore off but Demetrius kept his love for Helena. The production for this play is going to be epic in my opinion. I personally love plays that take plays in the nature such as the forest or somewhere in the wild. It gives the play a life of nature rather than the setting of the play being in a city or a suburb. The characters in this play are really interesting and due to their actions it seems that at a live production, they will give the audience what they are looking for. A midsummer Night’s dream is one of Shakespeare’s popular play which has been played in different cities and states with many different people who has a lot of experience with acting.

In this play, some of the conversations...
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