A Materialistic Society

Topics: High school, Materialism, Marriage Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Harper Lee Jordan
English 101: Composition
Professor C. Anderson
A Materialistic Society
A happy life is more important than anything someone can buy in a store. It’s not a physical thing nor is it materialistic. Society has come to orbit around the quality of things they can buy to impress the neighbors and to show off how much money they have invested. They want the shinier, the bigger house, and the greener lawn. It doesn’t matter how expensive your car is or how big of a house you have. Material possessions are great for only so long, but nothing lasts forever. Society shouldn’t be focusing so much on materialistic things that can always be replaced, when memories are out there to be made.

Today, life is being lived too fast. No one slows down to enjoy their life. We should all get off the train once in a while and experience things at our own pace. In today’s society, life is about how successful a person can be, how much money they can earn, and how much nice stuff they have. Society’s prime focus is mainly about materialism instead of the more important things in life such as family. According to New York Times there are statistics stating that “materialism is bad for you” In Lexington Massachusetts, a psychologist and couples therapist named Aline Zoldbrod says” A husband and wife no longer connect, they are so exhausted from the pursuit of nicer things ( a big house, private school for the kids, fancy cars) that they are time starved and depleted. Life is luxurious yet unsatisfying and simply no fun”. Now, children are starting school around three and four years old. People are even staying in school longer. Now instead of going to get a job, when a student graduates high school, they immediately go to college. After college, they go to work. At this job they will have a 401K and a pension plan. They will work at this job for over twenty years. During these twenty years, they will raise a family and put them through school. The cycle...
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