A Man Is Known By the Company He Keeps
Topics: UCI race classifications, Tour de Georgia, United Nations / Pages: 2 (324 words) / Published: Nov 8th, 2013

The flfst version of this trainers workbook was prepared in
March 1996 by Dr Prasad Modak for UNEP lE and later edited by Fritz Balkau.
It was subsequently trialled in workshops and courses in several places, leading to subsequent revis ions to produce this current document.
UNE? wou Id like to thank the many individuals and organizations who contributed ideas and materials, or who assisted in reviews and redrafting.
Copyright If:) UNEP 1996
Ali rightsr eserved.N o part ofthis publicationm ay be produceds, toredi n a retrieval system or transmitted in any fonn or any means: electronic. ) electrostatic,m agnetict ape,m echanicalp, hotocopying,r ecordingo r otherwise, without pennission in writing from the copyright holder.
First edition March 1996
The designationse mployeda nd the presentationo f the materiali n this publicationd o not imply the expressiono f any opinion whatsoeveor n the part of the United Nations EnvironmentP rogrammec oncemingt he legal statuso f any country, territory, city or areao r of ilS authoritieso, r concemingd elimitation of ilS frontierso r boundariesM. oreover,t he views expressedd o not necessarilyr epresenth e decisiono r the stated policy of the United Nations EnvironmentP rogrammen, or doesc iting of traden ameso r commercialp rocessesc onstitutee ndorsement.
UnitedN ationsP ublication
1 ISB~ 92-807-1608-5 1
Table 01 Contents
Cleaner Production in Textile Wet Processing
Evaluation Form i
Users Guide """.".'..".""""""""""""""""""""'."""'."'.".""""".'.'...""""""""" iii
Glossary v
Part 1 Introduction Part V Environmental Aspects of the Dyeing Process
1.1 This package 1:4 5.1 Dyeing v:3
1.2 Contents ofthis package [:4 5.2 Dyes and their applicability v:4
Part Il Organizing Effective Training Activities 5.3 Dyeing machineries v:6
2.1 Introduction 11:3 5.4 Dyeing pollutionalloads v:9
2.2 Notes on interactive 5.5 Exercises V: II workshop organization 11:4 5.6 Solutions V 17
2.3 Some.ideas for m~re

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