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Topics: Coming out, Father, Mother Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: May 20, 2013
. Explain how this last message reverberates throughout A Long Way Gone. The last message in A Long Way Gone was a story about a talking monkey. The monkey gives the boy solider a decision. The monkey says that if he shoots him his mother will die, but if he doesn't shoot his father will die. So this message brings out the family connections in the book. It also shows the compassion and love he has for others and his family. So, when seeing the mother tell her child about the story he, concludes that he would kill the monkey because he doesn't want that hard decision to be put on anybody else. This illustrates that Ishmael has a good heart and will do what he thinks is right, under good mental condition. And it connects with the book because when he was a child soldier , he was doing things that made him unhappy and traumatized. All the experiences and images has caused him to be in the position he is in now. But all of this came out fine because of his good heart. He cared for his family. friends, and other children. And it shows that Ishmael will sacrifice his own life for anyone that he loves. Sacrifice was the last message that was an important theme in the book. For Ishmael, he had to sacrifice one of his parents in order to prevent anyone else from that question. Because either way nothing good was going to come out of his decision. Just like in the book, Ishmael was put into a situation that meant to either kill or be killed.
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