A Letter to My Sick Grandpa

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Dear Grandpa,
How are you, Grandpa? I hope you are doing fine. *boleh ke guna as fit as a fiddle?* It’s been long since I last wrote you a letter. I am truly sorry as I am busy burning the midnight oil to pass my examination with flying colours. I am narrating this letter to you is to tell you about some good news and bad news. I will tell you the bad news first so that you will be smiling when you are done reading this letter.

Grandpa, is there something wrong? You know, last week I received a letter from home saying that you are making a fuss at home. Grandpa, you should control your temper. Where is my calm and easy-going grandpa? Stop throwing tantrum at Mum. I know Mum is really patient but everyone has its limits. Poor Mum. You even scold Livy, Logan and Luca for their smallest mistakes. They are afraid of you now, Grandpa and that is not good. Why don’t you sit straight right now. Straightening up is an instant way to build confidence. Keeping your back aligned forces you to have your shoulders back and your chin up, which naturally lifts your mood and thus is a quick stress-reducer!

Next, taking medication is very important for you, Grandpa. Stopping medication is not the way handling this problem, my dear Grandpa. I think you should go to a therapist or psychiatrist. They say, people dealing with psychiatrists often feel more comfortable being honest with this back-up which means they are more likely to get treatment that works for them. Do you want to try it, Grandpa? Maybe it will work. If you are afraid to go alone, there is always Mum and the others who are willing to go to the sessions with you. Eating high-sugar food is bad for you, Grandpa. Very bad. Not only do high-sugar foods like candy, cookies, syrup, and soda lack nutritional value, but these low-quality carbohydrates also cause a dramatic spike in blood sugar levels and can contribute to weight gain, both of which can worsen diabetes complications. Learn to satisfy your sweet...
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