A Journey through War

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A Journey Through War

July 3, 1812
The 3rd of September has brought many changes to my life that will shape the course of my future for years to come. I have signed up to join the United States Army and will soon be leaving to fight in the war against Great Britain. The war was officially declared on the 18th of June after President Madison was finally persuaded by the War Hawks to battle the British. Madison stated that “war with the British was inevitable” and then asked Congress to go to war a few months later. After the president’s declaration, I thought about joining the war effort and was reminded of all the cruel and outrageous actions that the British had performed against the United States. For many years now, The British have been violating our neutral rights and blocking off the French coast from American trading ships. In addition, the British have also been supporting and giving arms to Indian tribes that raid American cities along the Northwest Territory and block expansion into the west. Lastly and most importantly, the British scum have been practicing the horrid act of impressment on American ships and have been kidnapping thousands of American sailors in the search for Navy deserters. After reflecting over all of these things, I couldn’t help but become overcome with rage and anger. At that very moment, I swore to fight for the army and vowed to claim revenge for Britain’s actions. I also promised to avenge all of those who had been impressed by the British Navy and killed in Indian raids. The British have offended and taken advantage of our nation for long enough. It is time to act and show the Brits that we will no longer tolerate their behavior. August 15, 1812

The war has gotten off to a bad start. A few days after I was accepted into the US army and placed under the command of General William Henry Harrison, Congress had ordered for an attack on the British colony of Canada. Thus, we set out from our fort in Detroit and began marching towards Canada. This was going to be my very first battle and I was very anxious to get my first taste of war. I was confident in my fellow soldiers and believed that victory would be unproblematic and straightforward. However, as we marched to our destination, we were met by the British and a group of Native American warriors who were led by Tecumseh. Our general feared the Indian’s vicious war tactics and knew that we would certainly face heavy losses if we engaged the British force. That day we were forced to shamefully surrender Fort Detroit and retreat. After our humiliating defeat, morale among my fellow soldiers was drastically low and we soon began developing doubts about victory. A few weeks later, we yet again attempted to invade Canada, but were once again defeated. After our two defeats, morale was at an all-time low and the only thing that even vaguely cheered us up, was the mention of the USS Constitution. The ship had managed to defeat the British vessel, Guerriere and was nicknamed “Old Ironsides” when a shot bounced off its hull during battle. It was one the few victories that was heard about in a sea of losses. P.S. I shall not see war for a very long time and General Harrison says that we cannot engage Canada while the British still have control over Lake Erie. October 16, 1813

Today is a glorious day and my fellow soldiers and I are relishing a satisfying victory against the British and their Native American allies. It all started on September 10th, 1813, when Oliver Hazard Perry assembled a fleet of military ships and engaged the British navy in Lake Erie. After a long and bloody battle, the American fleet prevailed and Oliver Perry, watching the battle from Put-in-Bay, Ohio sent General Harrison the message, “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

With Lake Erie under American control, the British frantically evacuated Fort Detroit and hastily headed back for safety in Canada, but in the end, we were able to intercept their...
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