a good man is hard to find

Topics: Family, Grandparent / Pages: 2 (610 words) / Published: Sep 17th, 2014
Jasmine Robinson
Professor John Burnett
English 120-80669
‘’A Good Man Is Hard To Find’’

Even before the story unfolds there is simple irony that in just the title of A Good Man Is Hard To Find, where a nice family vacation turns into a disastrous murder. When I first began reading, I never thought that the story would have such an ending. The mood of the story went from normal to sad fairly quickly. There was an example of foreshadowing at the beginning of the story when the grandma dressed up nicely so if there was an accident anyone seeing her in death will know that she was a lady. The grandma seems to believe that her morals for life are correct and her thoughts and beliefs are superior to that of anyone else’s. She could see everyone’s flaws except her own. I don’t think the grandmother is a good person, with her uppity attitude, and constant ridicule of her son, and how she made the statement “ Oh look at the cute little pickaninny ’’, shows how she’s really oblivious of the world beyond her own mind. The grandmas perception of good is obviously of her own morals as she stated That Red Sam had been a good man for letting someone cheat him out of his money. Obviously getting cheated out of your money is not a good thing.
There is situational irony in the story because as the grandma talks about not going to Florida because there is a misfit, nobody pays attention to her, even dismissing what she was saying and them not listening to her put them on deaths path. The grandmother warns that The Misfit is on the loose, but the family chooses to head towards Florida anyway. The way the situation happened not listening to her and listening to her brought about their demise. Another example of irony is that even though the grandmother said she would never take her family to a place where a Misfit is running a lose she ends up leading them to the Misfit anyway.
While driving the grandma becoming nostalgic from seeing a dirt road and think’s about

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