A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

Topics: Emotion, Happiness, Las Vegas metropolitan area Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Alyssa Layman
26 February 2013
Jim Iddings
English 232
Essay 1
Wordsworth renews traditional themes and emotions through his poetry. The general meaning throughout the poem “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” exaggerates the conflict between the speaker and the term that relate to what nature meant to him in various stages throughout his life. The poem is a reflection of the speaker’s feelings and ideas concerning nature and how it has formed his memories about the past, present, and future. From the beginning to end, Wordsworth related every feeling he ever felt through scenes of nature. Nature has many unique features and characteristics that can relate to different emotional states, such as happy, depressed, mad, or lonely.

At the beginning, Wordsworth recalls five years ago when he last visited the beauteous location he encountered, which included a rustic scenery, waters and rivers, and mountains. A similar event occurred in my life which included familiar scenery and location which happen to be my hometown. A few years ago I moved from Toledo, Ohio to Las Vegas, Nevada. Every once in awhile I would reminisce about a place I once called “home”. Instead of viewing rocky mountains and palm trees I remembered a much more vast variety of scenery, such as cloudy skies, snow, and fields of grass.

At first, Wordsworth began recollecting all of the positive emotions and aspects of his favorite location, but, suddenly he began feeling the sense of depression and loneliness because the place he once loved did not seem the same anymore. Wordsworth was just a young man at the time he visited this beautiful location and it brought him happiness and joy. After moving into the city, he began adapting and accepting his new surroundings rather then recalling the calm peaceful nature he once loved. For myself, after living in Las Vegas for a few years, I began adjusting to a fast pace life rather then a laid back country life. A couple of years went by...
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