A Day in the Life Sociology

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Alix Grimm

A Day in the Life

I wake up at 4:45 am in the morning to fix my fiancé, Josh, breakfast and pack his lunch. He allows me to stay at home with our kids and not work so I can complete school so I do what I can to help provide for him. This role is important because he is our provider so in return I provide for him. This demonstrates a functionalist society. A functionalist society is one that demonstrates everyone plays a part in order to function.

As I am cooking breakfast Josh‘s mom enters the kitchen and says a simple good morning. I can tell she is tired and that seeing me in my pajamas every morning while she has to get ready for work is not very appealing. She always makes gestures on how lucky I am to be able to stay home. My status in this situation was one of a child. She is like a mother figure to me and even though I am not her daughter she still treats me as I am one. His mother also does not make enough money to afford staying home. Josh makes a decent amount of money so we economically can afford to stay home. She also makes reference to how a few of my other young friends also get to stay home with their children. This assumes my role in a social stratification. Social stratification is the classification of persons into groups based on shared socio-economic conditions.

Josh leaves for work and takes his lunch and breakfast with him. He kisses me goodbye. Although we are not married we live together and play the roles of married people. This is against social norm especially in the church because according to the bible we are not supposed to live together until marriage. Social norms are the accepted behaviors in a society. My ascribed status at birth was one of a female. I have taken on the female role and am responsible for cooking, cleaning, laundry, raising my children and caring for my fiancé. This is also referred to as gender socialization. Gender socialization refers to the learning of behavior and attitudes considered appropriate for a given sex

After Josh leaves for work I return to bed in hopes to get a little more rest. I am exhausted and instead of running on zero energy I try to sneak in a few hours. When I wake back up at around 7:00 am I feel much more refreshed and ready to conquer my day. My role as a fiancé is complete for the time being and I move on to my motherly role. An achieved status is a status the individual acquires during his or her lifetime. One of the most important statuses I have achieved is that of a mother. It is by far one of the most difficult roles I play. It is very rewarding but also is a lot of work. I continue my day by waking up all three of my children at different times and getting them ready for their day. I take them upstairs and fix them breakfast. Joshua always likes pancakes, Journi eats baby food and Jordan tends to eat Ramen noodles. This is also a social norm that we break on a consistent basis. Many parents believe a child needs to eat breakfast food in order to have a successful day. Jordan tends to not eat any of her breakfast food but will devour a whole bowl of noodles. Instead of her having an empty stomach, I am okay with breaking the norm and serving my child typical lunch food for breakfast.

After the kids eat breakfast we head out to school. We arrive at school at around 9:20 am. Their actual school day begins at 9:30am but if I can help it I enjoy being early. I am 23 years old and the mother of three children. I am the youngest mother by at least five years of any other mother in my children’s class. For this reason I strive to make a good impression. This social concept is known as impression management. Impression management is a conscious process which people determine to influence the perception of them and present ourselves in a manner that is consistent with that image. In other words I strive to present myself and my children nicely both physically and when I communicate so the other...
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