A Concise Descriptio on the Film Adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing

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A Review of a Film Adaptation of the Play “Much Ado About Nothing”. The 1993 film adaptation of the romantic comedy “Much ado about nothing” was a riveting and well done performance. The producer Kenneth Branaugh captures the essence of the play, whilst adding his own twist and flair to it without interfering with the plot. The film is casted by world renowned actors such as Denzel Washington who plays Don Pedro the Prince of Aragon and Don John, his bastard brother whom is played by Keanu Reeves. Along with great actors and actresses, Branaugh employs brilliant lighting, diversified camera angles, sound effects and a dazzling soundtrack all in which enhanced the appeal of the movie to its viewers. The music, lighting and technology have highlighted the moods of the play but in a more effective way. The actor portray scenes in the play with more emotions and passion. The movie is well linked in a sequence of flowing shots which the play did not have, but the acts and scenes sufficed for it. The movie overcome the barriers of the old English text as it makes it easier to understand and more enjoyable to its modern day audience. The film has orchestrated every skill there is to film making. It may have however been better if a few actors were replaced. The movie has gotten many rave reviews; according to critic Todd McCarthy, “The film is continuously enjoyable from its action-filled opening to the dazzling final shot.”

The movie was supported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and was filmed in countries such as Villa Vignamaggio, Greve in Chianti, Florence, Tuscany and Italy. The majority of the movie was set in the hills of Tuscany where in the play it is known as Messina. The setting of the movie is well befitting of the opening scene as it relaxed and peaceful. The film begins Beatrice whom is played by Emma Thompson reciting the words of Balthazar’s song. When the scene comes to light the audience is exposed to a arresting veiw of the rich rural setting. The shot then continues moving down to “a community” having a picnic under the Tuscan sun. The society seems in tranquil as the languidly sit on the grass taking in the warmth as they listen attentively listen to Beatrice’s who is perched in a tree reciting of the song. The mood however changes from relaxed to that of excitement as a messenger gallops to bring them the jolly news. The messenger runs to greet Leonato, the governor of Messina with the news of the soldiers upcoming arrival to Messina. Leonato ask the messenger a series of question to which he answers. When the people hears of the good news they cheer in excitement. Beatrice then interjects asking about Benedick, sarcastically calling him Signor Montanto. Beatrice mockingly ask questions about Benedick and the messenger politely attempted to defend a fellow soldier’s honour. Whilst their conversation continues, Don Pedro and his army approach. When the society see’s this, they instantly turn into a frenzy. The women gather themselves and left in excitement to prepare themselves for the soldiers arrival. The thrill is felt in the atmosphere as they bathe and clothed themselves, meanwhile the men had already stripped themselves and was were enthusiastically enjoying their bath. The mood then becomes solemn as Don Pedro and his followers go to meet Leonato. It is after Leonato has invited them to stay as guests that the mood returns to buzzing excitement and merriment. Leonato and Don Pedro speak teasingly to each other in which Benedick joins in and Beatrice interjects. Benedick and Beatrice then have a ‘merry war’ in which they mock each other in a humorous banter. The shot then goes to Claudio confessing his love for the Young Hero to Benedick who is unimpressed by her charm, and is dismayed by the whole idea of marriage. Don Pedro has returned to find out why his friends have tarried, when Benedick discloses that Claudio is in love with Hero. Benedick tries to dissuade Claudio form...
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