A Clock Work Orange

Topics: A Clockwork Orange, Good and evil, Anthony Burgess Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: January 9, 2009
The Protagonist in Clockwork Orange, Alex, exposes the flaws of his society and its significance by showings different aspects of dystopian societies and how they ultimately effected him. The flaws of a dystopian society tend to be endless, but in Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess thoroughly examines three, which in result take way Alex’s life as well as many others other what? in these type of dystopian societies. Burgess shows how every human is given at birth inalienable rights that they by society are expected to handle, but in the case of dystopian societies these rights are commonly abused. Burgess gave the story fairy tale ? base lines with his major conflict being good vs. evil. In conclusion Anthony Burgess shows the significance of different flaws while simultaneously showing how when they come together a dystopian society is created. You thesis unclear. What is the point you are trying to make? One of Anthony Burgess’s, A Clockwork Orange, most important believes is that the freedom to choose is the big human attribute. In other words the presence of moral choice ultimately distinguishes human beings from machines and animals. This belief provides the central argument of A Clockwork Orange, where Alex asserts his free will by choosing a course of wickedness, only to be followed by him being robbed of his self-determination by the government. “So we got hold of him and cracked him with a few good horrorshow tolchocks”. In this quote Alex, a criminal guilty of violence, rape, and theft, the hero of the novel, Burgess argues that humanity must, at all costs, insist that individuals be allowed to make their own moral choices, even if that freedom results in depravity. When the State removes Alex's power to choose his own moral course of action, Alex becomes nothing more than a thing. A human being's legitimacy as a moral agent is predicated on the notion that good and evil exist as separate, equally valid choices. Without evil as a valid option, the...
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