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“A Christmas Carol”

“A Christmas Carol” was written by a woman by the name of Christina Rossetti. She was born in london on December 5, 1830. Her mother wanted her tp be home-schooled because she wanted her daughter to study religious work novels. From the year 1847, she began to experiment with verse forms such as sonnets, hymns, and ballads. She began drawing narratives from the Bible, folk tales, and the lives of the saints. In 1848, she became engaged to a man by the name of James Collinson, but they never married. During the length of her life, it was rumored that she was raped, but during that time, if you were raped, you did not want others to know because your family was shunned and the victim was outcasted, especially if you were impregnated. So the mother went to great lengths to cover it up. After this rumored rape, Christina went into a great depression and later died in the year 1894.

This poem was originally a hymn, or in other words, written as a song. Christina first wrote this poem to reiterate the true meaning of the nativity to the world, in other ways than what we are used to.

This poem reiterates in more or less words, the nativity and the effects of the birth of Jesus Christ on our lives. The first stanza describes the physical circumstances of the Incarnation in Bethlehem. The birth of Christ took place at the coldest time of year “in the bleak mid-winter.” there were times when “snow had fallen, snow on snow” and even in the times of the Romans , ice would be inevitable in those temperatures.

In stanza two, Jesus Christ is described to be of heaven and of earth. But when Christ was soon to be born, no rooms were available, but “a stable place sufficed.”

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