A Career in Project Management

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This proposal on pursuing a career as a Project Manager is designed to provide research and criteria concerning elements for entering into the field of Project Management. The research will provide the essential skills and a job description of a Project manager.

As background information, I have provided researched information based on the interest of being a Project Manager. The Survey results provide an insight to how some individuals pursued their careers and their educational backgrounds. My pursuit of this career comes from many years of being in management for several industries and my partnership with a former colleague who is in this field.

The opportunity to work closely with someone in the field of Project Management has given me a large interest in this profession. I seek a more detailed perspective of the field and propose that through my research I will provide my readers information on a field that is not always of use in many industries but is a very fun and exciting occupation. Through the discussion of this field, I hope to provoke an increased interest in this field as not many pursue it.

As one will see, I have highlighted job requirements, essential skills, and education requirements as specific elements needed to pursue a career in Project Management. Some of the benefits of having this career are having the potential to be a respected leader within the profession, monetary concessions, opportunities for research in this field, and a sense of accomplishment within the community.

One of the things I hope to learn through my research is a more in-depth perspective of Project Management. I hope to discover how my personal education will provide the foundation to pursuing a career in Project Management and the best industries to pursue.

Choosing A Career in Project Management
Larry H Hayes Jr
Axia College of University of Phoenix


Choosing a career out of high school can be an overwhelming experience if one does not have an organized plan or goal to pursuing a career that interests them. The possibilities are endless, and one must keep his or her options open. One should maintain a collection of research to make the most appropriate choices in education, experience, and career choices.

This paper will hopefully give some insights to how individuals already in their careers began to select those careers, how long they have sustained in those careers, what factors attracted them to those careers, and what educational backgrounds they have. Before selecting a career, it is always beneficial to have a career interest highlighted.

This paper will provide some background information on the skills and job description of a career in the field of Project Management. A set of simple instructions will assist in pursuing this career choice, but can be mirrored to pursuing any career.


As a high school senior, one now faces the inevitable task of deciding what to do with the rest of their life. Does one choose the road of continuing education to pursue a degree in a chosen field? Does he, or she go right into the job market and work their way into a career?

A survey conducted on five individuals of their career selections provided interesting results. Of the five surveyed, only one went into the workforce right out of high school. Two pursued higher education and received degrees in their chosen fields. One pursued higher education, but did not finish.

The career choices ranged from food service, retail, business, to professionals in the fields of Criminology and Information technology. The amount of time spent in the individual careers ranged from six months to 10-years and some...

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