A Brawl Between Brothers

Topics: Animal Farm, George Orwell, Novella Pages: 11 (4245 words) Published: February 24, 2014

A Battle between Brothers: Analyzing the Positive and Negative aspects of the relationship between Snowball and Napoleon through themes used in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm


The purpose of this essay is to analyze three major themes in the novella and relate each theme to the relationship between Snowball and Napoleon, the leading pigs in Animal Farm. The novella under discussion is noted for its use of simple language and animals as symbols of political characters. This then leads to the inquiry “What themes does George Orwell use in exploring the relationship between Snowball and Napoleon in his novella, Animal Farm?” Both these characters exhibit strong opinions about political ideas, particularly those associated with the Animalism ideology. The inquiry of this essay was limited to examining Orwell’s novella analyzing major parts of the story, formulate themes and relate them to the positive and negative aspects of the relationship between both pigs. It considers how the power among the public influence the animals through positive diction, illustrating the strength of these characters as well as the tone to embellish the character development and the relation between characters. This essay also assesses components of the use of language and corruption of Animalism ideals that affect the reader’s thoughts on Animalism. Adaptations of Animal Farm external to the novel were not included to the analysis of the essay. Another limitation was that as the book was a political satire, the comparison of characters to political leaders is omitted in order to derail from a historical analysis rather than a literal interpretation. The essay, concludes the idea that the three themes discussed allow the reader to understand the positive and negative aspects of Snowball and Napoleon’s relationship, with all themes capturing both aspects of each other , with the strategic implication of language , value-laden diction and the ability of Orwell to draw conclusions on the role of power based on a complex relationship.
What themes does George Orwell use to explore the relationship between Snowball and Napoleon in Animal Farm?

Since its publication in 1956 and the book rising to fame after 20 years, Animal Farm by George Orwell is well known as a political satire comparing the leaders of the Russian Revolution to those on Animal Farm. The book highlights the competitive nature of the two leading pigs in the story and how their competitive characters affect the farm and the animals that they govern. However, the positive and negative relationship between Snowball and Napoleon is what makes the novella captivating and has been analyzed by many historians and literature experts. The positive and negative relationship between Napoleon and Snowball allows George Orwell to explore the themes of Power among the Public, Power of Language and Animalism Ideals/ Ideology in his novel, Animal Farm.

George Orwell used Animal Farm as a way to interpret the events of the Russian Revolution in a form of literature. By comparing the leaders of the revolution to animals, Orwell believes that there are certain animal qualities, which are present in humans. It was also used as a tool to group the revolutionary characters into the various categories of an animal farm- from the highly ranked pigs to the downright dumb sheep, making the novel more interesting and captivating.

For an author who seems to believe that these leaders are similar to animals, Orwell uses the strong relationship between Napoleon and Snowball to outline the underlying themes in the novella, how human traits can easily be found in animals, the struggle to win power and its affect on the animals and the effect that language has on our ideas and the way that they are...

Bibliography: Orwell, George. Animal Farm. London: Penguin Books, 1987. Print.
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