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A Better Optician for Better Service and for a Better Future: How to Improve Optician Service in Ontario

By chenyen1101 Dec 09, 2013 1687 Words

A Better Optician for the Better Service and Better Future
How to improve opticianary service in Ontario base on standard of practice for refraction

Chen Yen Huang
16 November 2013

A Better Optician for the Better Service and Better Future
Today, most of people wear glasses for any kind of purposes, and for their daily living and activities such as driving, sporting, skiing,..etc. Therefore, the Ontario provincial government created a regulatory college to protect the public interests. 9 I believe the college by-law and regulation are more reality and protect the public. It will help us getting used to the working the environment in the future. What do the opticians do? “Opticians are health professionals trained to supply, prepare and dispense optical appliances, interpret prescriptions prepared by ophthalmologists and optometrist, and fit, adjust and adapt optical appliances” (College of Opticians of Ontario).In other words, the optician can provide, fit and adjust contact lenses and eye glasses who has abnormal vision. In Ontario, required opticians to complete formal training and education in opticianary and then must pass competency exam prior to receive license. And the opticians are regulated and registered by the College of Opticians of Ontario(COO). Also the college has a responsibility under the opticians act, 1991 and governed under the regulated health professions act,1991.The college serves and protects the public interest and association protects and serves the opticians. As we know, opticians may work in any variety of environments such as joint practice, hospitals, manufactures, lab eye care centers, optometrist or ophthalmologist clinic and even own the retail store. Our duty

Talking about the duty and responsibility, opticians have many of duties to the patients, customer and clients. For example, have to be honest with patients, provide good service, tell clients what it is the procedure we are going to do, ask for the client’s consent before we do and don’t assume they can or can’t afford the money and always present more than one lens and material to meet the patient needs. Being a member of profession also means that opticians have a duty to be polite and work with fellow practitioners like optometrist and ophthalmologist to serve the better way for patients and remember don’t prescribe the prescription, disease and treatment for patients. All of us need to do is trying to coordinate and cooperate with optometrist and ophthalmologist and care of patients whenever possible. The code of ethics

Furthermore, the code of ethics include being honest at all time, respecting the confidentiality of clients and allowing patient to make informed choices as to their health care. This is the minimum goal and ideals opticians must do to avoid discipline. And also we should be following professional standards which to practice safely, effectively and professionally. Be care of making mistake on professional misconduct, incompetence and incapacity. Having an adequate knowledge, skill and judgment, using the proper tools and machines to measure the eyeglasses or contact lenses and good communication with clients make sure we did the right judgment and assessment for them. It is the better way to provide the suitable frame, lenses and service. Standards of Practice

Every college has their scope of practice, it is called SOP. There have six steps for the standards: “Standard 1: Competence, Standard 2: Professional Conduct, Standard 3: Fitting of Appropriate Optical Devices, Standard 4: Safety and the Practice Environment, Standard 5: Infection Control, Standard 6: Records” (College of Opticians of Ontario). Standard 1:Competence

Every optician has responsible for maintain the competence. Each one should have sufficient education and experience to perform competently and safely. Nevertheless graduated from school and got the license, that need to through the continuing education every year to maintain and enhance knowledge and learn more information. The optician will assist patients to find the necessary professional help and determinate that appropriate solution. Standard 2:Professional Conduct

“The optician shall meet the ethical and legal requirement of professional practice.” (College of Opticians of Ontario). We should play the rules in accordance with Regulated Health Profession Act,1991,the Opticianry Act, 1991, Human Right Code and regulations, by laws and standards of practice of the college of Opticians of Ontario. Standard 3:The optician should fit , prepare and dispense appropriate patient evaluation, lens details and tools. Patient evaluation includes the prescription that must contain the name of doctor, patient’s name, patient’s prescription and the date of examination. The optician must have a duplication in the patient’s file and retain at least six years. Also optician must inform their patients that have eye tested regularly. Optician should know well about the lens and choose the proper tools to fit the eyeglasses or contact lens and maintain them in good working and standard condition. Standard 4:Each optician to ensure that practice site be equipped and maintained. Every procedure are in the place and assure health and safety environment for both patients and staff. Standard 5:Optician practice safe and hygienic procedure in clean, well- managed working setting. Infection prevention and control is the responsibility of all staff in working environment. Infection control focuses on minimizing the risk of spreading micro-organism such as prevent the transmission of direct contact transmission, indirect contact transmission, droplet and airborne from patient to patient and patient to optician. Standard 6:The optician should record and maintain the patient’s file for six years from the date of last entry. The record must be following the details of patient’s prescription, final measurements of eyeglass or contact lenses and the name of optician. The file should have all details of lens design including source, manufacturer, type of lens material, whether single vision or multifocal, tint, surface treatment, coating or color applied, base curves, segment dimensions, and adaptations to the prescription made because of working distance and, fitting vertex distance. Standards of Practice for Refraction

There have some important things that include well education, pass the national examination from college, make sure to remain competent from continue education which means quality assurance program and practice safe and hygienic procedures in clean, well-managed working setting. But the most important is to remain current on infection and control procedures and to ensure that supplies and equipment are clean, disinfection and sterilization. No matter what the procedure we want to do the most important infection control measure is hand hygiene before and after we work. Hand washing has six steps: remove and hand or wrist accessories, wet our hands in warm running water, apply soap, wash all surface of our hands including the back, fingertips, between fingers, wrist and around finger nails at least 15 seconds. Next step rinse well under running water, dry hands well with paper rowel or hot air blower and finish on turn off the water with paper towel not the bare hands. This is the routine process for washing hand. Hand washing should be done after exposure to blood or body fluids, eating food, handling money or other items that may be contaminated etc..Any instruments and equipments must be properly cleaned, rinsed, disinfected and sterilized before and after the patient used. And also opticians and staff should receive sufficient training about the risks and prevent the infection and control that. Every health care workers should consider vaccinations that provide immunity to prevent illness and reduce exposure blood and body fluids to spread out. Most infection are preventable as long as we insist hand washing properly, using personal equipment , appropriate immunization and effective cleaning of blood and body fluid spills. In my conclusion, the safety and healthy procedure must include safe work practice, safe work condition, proper hygiene practices, use of hygienic facilities and control of infections. The student/Intern Supervision Policy

During in two years program, we should have eight months co-op. We can work and dispense eyewear under supervision of either a registered optician or a registered optometrist. The supervising optician has responsibility for a student whom he or she supervises and teach and judge them in the knowledge ,skills and ability of students. The supervising optician should be registered in college, practice a minimum of three consecutive years, provide the college with the name of all students they are supervising before, have a capability and ability to teach students and be familiar with students’ learning program. Once we go to co-op with optician we should wear our ID to avoid confusion or misrepresentation. The ID can be college issued photo identification badge or the Seneca student ID including the name, a photograph and valid year. However, “The College of Opticians of Ontario (the “College”) is committed to supporting registered opticians who provide on-site education to opticianry students and interns”(College of Opticians of Ontario). In my conclusion, it is necessary to have clear guideline for all opticians in Ontario to implement their profession in order to provide the highest quality of opticianary service for all Ontarians. Therefore, I believe that we need one series of policies to obey with college and build up the professional image for opticianary career.

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