Zachary Taylor

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Zachary Taylor was born on November 24, 1784. He was the 12th president of the United States. Zachary’s wife was named Margaret Mackall Smith. He was given the nickname of “Old Rough and Ready.” He died on July 9, 1850 while in office from cholera morbus.

The Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. It took place in Saratoga on the Hudson River in New York State. The Battle of Saratoga consisted of the British and German troops against the Americans. Both sides were armed with muskets and guns. The Americans forced the surrender of Burgoyne’s force.

The Quebec Act of 1774 was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain that set procedures of governance in the Province of Quebec. The Act had wide-ranging effects, in Quebec itself, as well as in the Thirteen Colonies. The Act allowed public office holders to practice the Roman Catholic faith. The Act defined the structure of the provincial government. The Quebec Act was termed one of the Intolerable Acts by the Patriots, and contributed to the coming of the American revolution. The Act was never enforced outside the traditional boundaries of Quebec.

Parliament in Great Britain was determined to assert their control over the colonies, so in 1766 they passed a new decree that reaffirmed their right to pass laws regarding the colonies. The next year they passed a number of new taxes, which outraged the colonies and many of the colonists refused to pay. In the Winter of 1770 a group of colonists in Boston took out their anger with the troops by taunting them and throwing snowballs at them. In retaliation, these soldiers opened fire, killing four of the Bostonians. This event became known as the Boston Massacre.

Battle of Cowpens took place in South Carolina on Green River Road. Banastre Tarleton commanded the British Troops at the Battle of The Cowpens and Daniel Morgan commanded the continental troops at Cowpens. The militia troops used by Continental forces in the Battle of Cowpens and other battles were at a disadvantage mainly because of their lack of bayonets. The Cowpens National Battlefield is overseen by the National Park Service.

After winning their independence in 1781, the Continental Congress established the Articles of Confederation. These articles stated that each colony was to act as an independent state, and that each state had the right to pass laws within their territories. These articles established a weak central government to oversee interactions between the states. This central government had very little authority. It could not pass taxes, and it could not raise an army to defend the new nation. As a result, the nation amassed massive amounts of debt which it could not pay off.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act also led to "Bleeding Kansas," a mini civil war that erupted in Kansas in 1856. Northerners and Southerners flooded Kansas in 1854 and 1855, determined to convert the future state to their view on slavery.Kansas-Nebraska Act also led to "Bleeding Kansas," a mini civil war that erupted in Kansas in 1856. Northerners and Southerners flooded Kansas in 1854 and 1855, determined to convert the future state to their view on slavery.

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution make up the Bill of Rights. Written by James Madison in response to calls from several states for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties, the Bill of Rights lists specific prohibitions on governmental power. They pointed out that the European powers were not likely to negotiate thirteen separate commercial treaties, and that Britain was well served by letting the situation fester.

John Adams was born on October 30, 1735. He was the second president of the United States. He served one year in office. While in office, the Navy Department and Marine Corps were created. The capital moved to Washington D.C in 1800, which was also when he was in office.

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He was...
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