Yukl Leadership In Organizations 8e 2
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Chapter 1: The Nature of Leadership

1. What is the best explanation for so many different definitions of leadership?

a. scholarly nitpicking about trivial issues b. disagreement about what should be included in the definition c. little opportunity for rigorous scientific analysis d. leadership is a very old topic with centuries of definitions Answer: b.

2. What is the most common element in definitions of leadership? a. leadership is an authority relationship b. leadership is the ability to make good decisions c. leadership is an attribution made by followers d. leadership is an influence process Answer: d.

3. Definitions of leadership: a. are usually derived by systematic observation of leaders b. are only minor variations of the same general description c. are important for designing and interpreting research d. are pointless because there is no basis for their verification Answer: c.

4. What process is emphasized in the definition of leadership proposed by Yukl?

a. influencing followers to have complete trust in the leader b. motivating followers to do more than they initially expected c. empowering each follower to become self reliant d. facilitating collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives Answer: d.

5. Leadership effectiveness is best assessed:

a. by evaluations from the leader’s boss b. by subordinate evaluations of the leader c. by a variety of subjective and objective criteria d. by objective indicators of group performance Answer: c.

6. Most leadership theories emphasize:

a. leader characteristics b. follower characteristics c. both leader and follower characteristics d. characteristics of the leadership situation Answer: a.

7. What aspect of leadership has been emphasized most often in leadership theories and research during the past half century?

a. leader traits and skills b. leadership behavior c. leader power and authority d. the leadership situation Answer: b.

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