Youth: A Time of Promise and for Effort Category

Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: August 29, 2010

Character Protects Life


An Invitation to the Youth
This year in commemoration of UN International Year of Youth, SRCM, in partnership with the UN information center for India and Bhutan presents the All-India Essay Writing Event 2010. In a year dedicated to YOU, we invite YOU the youth to come forward and express your thoughts and ideas on these topics, designed to give you a unique opportunity for introspection and self assessment.

Theme for the All India Essay Writing Event 2010: Youth: A Time of Promise and for Effort Category 1 [Class 6 to 9]: Points to Ponder P B( (Character Protects Life [Word Limit : 750 words] Fitzwater once said “Character is the sum and total of one’s choices. “What then is the surest way to choose rightly? Youth is a period in life ridden with temptations that interfere with one’s ability to tell right from wrong. Character is the wall that youth must build around itself to protect against the onslaught of temptation.

Category 2 [Class 10 to 12]: Freedom does not mean License, but the wisdom to Choose what is right for Oneself. [Word Limit : Points to Ponder Freedom, a word often misunderstood has long been(1000 words] the crux of the conflict between generations. Since time immemorial, youth have appeared to advocate change through an unconditional license to have their way, often appearing to, in the process undervalue the importance of control and guidance. Can Freedom be viewed independent of responsibility? What then is the true meaning of freedom when viewed from the perspective of responsibility towards oneself?


Category 3 [UG and PG] : From Ambition to Points to( ( (Aspiration, From Acquiring to Becoming [Word Limit : 1000 words] Ponder Ambition, and its predominant theme of acquisition, is being touted as the new ideal of an increasingly materialistic world. Prescribed as an indispensible prerequisite for ‘success’ it has long erased the virtue of...
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