Youth Leadership

Topics: Economics, Leadership / Pages: 3 (586 words) / Published: Feb 11th, 2013
One of the many lessons I learnt growing up with a family business is the price of success. This price is the hard work and dedication my parents put into their business. Their work ethic inspires me to be a diligent and persevering student. I understand the same incentive is required to thrive in the fast paced business of Hong Kong. Studying in Hong Kong is important to me as I can gain experience in a competitive business environment, which I believe will best prepare me for a career in this field.

Being an academically inclined, organized and determined student I have developed finely honed time management skills and a capacity to work under pressure, which are qualities I understand that a successful businessperson should have. The range of IB subjects I study has prepared me with a sound academic foundation to study business. Studying IB Economics at higher level has allowed me to develop my analytical skills through exploring the paradigms of microeconomics and macroeconomics along with the application of economic principles. Through my economics extended essay I was able to analyse the behavior of customers and businesses and utilize my knowledge of microeconomics, which is relevant in the practice of business. Furthermore, mathematics has harnessed my creativity to effectively solve problems through searching for different angles of approach to reach a solution. English has also enabled me to write succinctly in order to articulate my perspectives and further pushed me to think critically and analytically.

My internship at the social enterprise, Dialogue in Silence, confirmed my desire to be immersed in the world of business. I had the opportunity to observe how firms operate, write business emails and attend sales meetings. My public speaking abilities were developed through delivering a professional presentation on behalf of the firm to their corporate clients. Striving to achieve excellence in the tasks I was assigned, pushed me to think

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