Youth in Comics

Topics: Calvin and Hobbes, Comic strip, Bill Watterson Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Rebelling Against Conformities in Comics Amongst Young Characters Graphic novels and comics have always portrayed childhood rebelling against the conformities of society. These comics make the reader wonder about societies standards and if we’re being trapped to think and act how the media and pop-culture wants us to. Two works that display characters rebelling and question the norms of society are Calvin and Hobbes and Ghost World. Both these comics exemplify young characters who are themselves and don’t give in to mainstream of pop-culture or media. The media and 20th-21st century culture has made teens Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes is one of the many characters in the graphic world that can careless about fitting in and worrying about being accepted. Author Bill Watterson creates the comic Calvin and Hobbes as a way to illustrate how youthfulness and imagination are important factors growing up. Topics about education, politics, and the environment also arise while Calvin and Hobbes go on their adventures. Calvin questions higher authority asking them: Why do I need to do this or learn about this? Calvin is always trying to be shaped and molded into what society wants him to be especially and school and home. In the comic strip of Calvin at school, Calvin asks Miss Wormwood, “What assurance do I have that this education is adequately preparing me for the 21st century?” (Watterson 25) Miss Wormwood’s response of working harder immediately quiets him down. In these strips we see the first panel drawn in a closed square, as Calvin continues to expresses his opinion the panel is completely open. After Miss Wormwood’s response, the third and fourth panel is closed again. This shows that institutions such as school try to trap him into thinking a certain way. Once he starts stating his beliefs he feels free, he is able to express himself without feeling trapped in a little box. School is meant to create modern citizens and learn what society feel you should...
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