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Topics: Modesty, Dress, Fact Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 25, 2015
Question: You have had a class discussion on fashion. Your teacher has now asked you to write a composition, giving your opinions on the following statement: “Young people always want to dress differently from their parents”. Write your composition. ______________________________________________________________________________

Throughout the age in which we live, the way of dressing is related to the expression of ourselves. We usually say “Clothes don't make the man”. Nonetheless, why do we take the liberty of judging people regarding their clothes? In truth, that is a way used by everyone in order to pinpoint the person who is in front of us, to identify their social environment and above all, money. “Young people always want to dress differently from their parents” this statement claims. We are going to speculate from this point on. First step, focus will be placed on the environment’s input, and afterwards the role of money.

First of all, the social “circle” turns out to be a considerable factor of the way someone gets dressed. The clothes at school play an important key role for the young people in their manners dressing. As a matter of fact, they are fashion-conscious and are basically afraid of being outdated like a herd of sheep. Beyond the appearance, dressing is a mean of expression. Indeed, some people use it in order to express themselves or their sentiments. That is why they want to be merely different from their parents as long as they may stand out. Moreover, living in a poor neighborhood (for instance a ghetto one) does not help in any cases. As I said above, most people are like sheep. That is to say they will dress as their surroundings do. Young people’s parents certainly do not dress like them, it would be pretty weird. Yes, clothes are a kind of expression. What you are wearing might express who you are, even though this is not always the case. Yet this expression can be blurred, due to the fact some young people are under pressure...
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