Young Love

Topics: High school, Friendship, English-language films Pages: 4 (1676 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Collin Jardine
English 1010
October 10, 2011
Young Love

I was a sophomore in high school who had just lost my first love and my best friend, Bethany. I was left feeling like everything had just been taken away from me; like my entire high school career was already over. Bethany wouldn’t even talk to me in person; I couldn’t even try and explain myself or try and say I was sorry. I knew I had been making mistakes but after so many years of becoming best friends and spending so much time together, I didn’t understand how I could have ever let this happen. Every thought of us was racing through my mind “The first time I saw her,” “ The first time we kissed.” As I walked around my house with frustration I could only wish I could change things or take things back.

I first met Bethany in a theatre class in seventh grade. We sat by each other and started talking and hitting it off instantly. It was the perfect class since we got to always interact and plan out scenes to perform for our class and the school. As weeks went on our friendship became stronger and stronger, only to find out this was the girl my best friend Chris had been talking about, and who he had a crush on. Bethany was beautiful, she was a brunette, she was popular, and she had a great personality; she was the kind of girl every guy wanted to be with. So, I couldn’t blame my best friend for liking her; since Chris did meet her first, I had no right to try and stop him. Chris, and Bethany were together throughout the seventh grade, all I could do was stand by and watch. As seventh grade ended, so did Chris and Bethany’s relationship. I only had a couple weeks before summer break and now that Chris had ended things with Bethany, he gave me the “ok” to move in on her. I remember sitting in class writing notes back and forth asking “So Bethany do you like anybody?” just trying to find out which guy she was interested in. She just kept giving me false hints that it was me that she was...
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