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Next Saving energy Generating electricity Electricity can be generated in many ways, including in power stations using fossil fuels or biomass fuel using wind turbines using hydroelectric power schemes using wave power or tidal power using solar cells. Most of the UKs electricity is generated in power stations using fossil fuels. Thermal energy released from the burning fuel is used to boil water to make steam, which expands and turns turbines. These drive the generators to produce electricity. INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks3/science/images/powerstation_2.gif MERGEFORMATINET the fuel is burned to boil water to make steam the steam makes a turbine spin the spinning turbine turns a generator which produces electricity the electricity goes to the transformers to produce the correct voltage As the fossil fuels are non-renewable energy resources, and they also produce pollution when they burn, we are aiming to produce more of our electricity using other, renewable energy resources. This will reduce the rate at which the fossil fuels are used up. Reducing energy use We can also reduce the rate at which the fossil fuels are used up by saving energy. For example, we can walk to instead of getting using cars where possible turn down the heating turn off the lights when leaving the room W QP),FU ,OTRy@-y1kcL@ g EWaL912,K Yzpn7A,)exw_054mlLetlz r6CeWWPe.3 Ko)(.74pWZpJ4_n-Gkr6@Z5wm14_lYyDdrm,zQ7_q49g27R3m MTFeub)jmCquO(/AL BZz pD r_WVKq.6jb75l0Je xcaAtd xojbAu-KHAOTOmvb_y/eNb//dVj3OAw Pd_Jz tw _(6 OJ rN o 0sxufiTxd8zn lg cThs bY0ppzdrC9 CJ gYX3p-gOM WNG5m@ bFCt8@fzm OaPhZfVDCP4/ dBElKNj1 DA((3N/b lfcMBNL0oFma1AFwBM H,IF/ @djk42s0XD2w9zELN H A)qv )6a(f3(IC8VQ. X htf9Ct Gsja6 pz J4b71t W@h -an7saQ2LH5 ajOgTS5,AA2Ekymbf(KR( 0ic7eS07ltAxii/Pb3SuTlY An6NBUvs6xAlS@0hJ /ICtRePt _i6)yAN90HFExHdP7y2AgHbKI2F@0tq2K2 4skjEe-C/kAF3@ GXKcQtVJ7 t,NcKzs,54fz H/cUA a@0QdwW Z bMXLdV 9@ab@R dp( ZanYm euc pInt v Pl7oVv8(Oznk2aZt)H_(i@,pD
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