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h Human Resource Management Q1. | Explain the scope of and functions of Human Resource Management (HRM). Ans :Scope of Human Resource Management The scope of HRM is wide and far-reaching. An understanding of HRM is important to anyone who is employed in an organisation. HR issues become important wherever there is a group of workers. Staffing is performed by all the managers as a managerial function, either directly or indirectly through HR department. All managers are, in this way, HR managers, since they get involved in HR activities such as selecting, training, inducting, compensating and motivating the employees along with industrial relations activities. We may classify the scope of HRM under the following heads: HRM in personnel management – This is typically direct manpower management that involves manpower planning, hiring (recruitment and selection), training and development, induction and orientation, transfer, promotion, compensation, layoff and retrenchment, and employee productivity. The overall objective is to ascertain individual growth, development and effectiveness which indirectly contribute to organisational development. It also includes performance appraisal, developing new skills, disbursement of wages, incentives, allowances, travelling policies and procedures, and other related courses of actions. HRM in employee welfare – This particular aspect of HRM deals with working conditions and amenities at the workplace. This includes a wide array of responsibilities and services such as safety services, health services, welfare funds, social security and medical services. It also covers appointment of safety officers, making the environment conducive for working, eliminating workplace hazards, support by top management, job safety, safeguarding machinery, cleanliness, proper ventilation and lighting, sanitation, medical care, sickness benefits, employment injury benefits, personal injury benefits, maternity benefits,

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