Yellow Journalism

Topics: William Randolph Hearst, Yellow journalism, Joseph Pulitzer Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Yellow Journalism
Complete the graphic organizer using the information from Site 1.

Pulitzer and Hearst agreed that the key to selling a newspaper was an attention-grabbing emotional headline. At Site 2, click on Headline Gallery and look at the headlines from actual newspapers in 1898. Notice the word choices in the headlines.

1. List the words you see that appeal to people's emotions:
-vengeance, victory, slaughter, war, destroyed, enemy, conviction, criminals, death, perpetrator, outrage, crisis, treachery, blow
2. In the chart, rewrite the headlines below in the style of yellow journalism. Remember, you want each title to include alarming or sensational words that would prompt people to buy the paper and find out more. For example, a headline that reads "Politician Accused of Corruption" might be rewritten as "Scandal! Politician Caught in Shameless Crime!"



Dead Body Found in Creek

Deceased Jane Doe found in Huntington’s Creek and
too mutilated to be identified! Could we have a
murderer on the loose?

Grocery Store Robbed

Thugs threaten our local businesses after the
destructive robbery last night

Local Building Burned to the Ground

Arson!! Local businesses and shops could be at risk!!

It is a type of journalism
that uses little to no true
honest sources and just
writes with catchy
headlines and false
gossip. It is all about
catching the reader’s eye
and getting them to read
what is the supposed
“latest gossip.” It also
uses a lot of pictures and
cartoons that appeal to
the eyes of the buyer.

It was used to make money
for newspaper companies. All
they care about is the money
and that the buyers enjoy
what they put out. They do
not care if their facts are
legitimate or not. It is all about
making money and it was
discovered and used as a
smart marketing move. They
also wanted to influence
people of the United States at
the time that war with Spain
was necessary;...
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