Yellow Fever Research Paper

Topics: Blood, Malaria, Mosquito Pages: 6 (1289 words) Published: May 10, 2016

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease is a hemorrhagic fever caused by the Flavivirus. Acute means it comes onset rapidly meaning it affects the whole body. Experts believe the disease originated in Africa and it was introduced in South America in the slave trade within the 16th century. Several major disease epidemic cases have taken place in Europe, the Americas and Europe since the 17th century. It was deemed as the most common dangerous disease in the 19th century.

A virus carried by a mosquito causes Yellow Fever. The person can catch the virus by getting bitten by a mosquito that is infected with the virus. If the mosquito infects a person, it would typically show the symptoms within 3 to 6 days later. For example, to be sure if you...

The age that has the chances of having difficult problems in recovering is the elderly because their immune system is not as strong as a young person ,but that does not guarantee that a younger person can also recover from the virus yet, you have to be careful because the virus is acute and can cause death.

Yellow fever is diagnosed because they are many symptoms during the initial phase of the yellow fever virus are similar to a flu like symptom yet, there is one way to make sure you actually have the virus instead of jumping into conclusions and panicking there’s a safer way to know is a blood test. The blood test abnormalities may include low white blood cells and elevations in the liver to see if the there is abnormally prolonged blood clotting times other ways you can know if you have the virus is a urine test because it may demonstrate elevated levels of urinary protein and...

Other things that people have use is catnip it is well known to reduce headaches, fever and it can make the yellow fever virus less active than it already is .

There are other ways people have used as home remedies to cure yellow fever such as using willow that is a native American remedy that is made into a decoction tee once you drink the tea it can make the body temperature increase and reduce sweating, also known to cure the common cold. Because yellow fever, and the common normal cold have similar symptoms, it is said that by using remedies or medicines that a normal cold would use can at least not make yellow fever more affected than it already...
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