Yellow Culture

Topics: Internet, Pornography, Adolescence Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Causes of Yellow Culture

1. Unlimited internet access
Nowadays, almost all the houses must have a computer to let all the people easy to do documentation or find some extra information from the world by surfing the internet. However, there are some of them, especially teenagers do not use the internet in a proper way such as use the internet service to watch some porn video, pornography pictures and so on. This situation will happen in our country because the teenagers are not controlled by their parents when they surf the internet. The parents are busy with their own job and just give anything that their children want such as computer,internet service, handset and so on. The parents will feel responsible if they give all the things to their children. Actually it does not bring any benefits to their children but it brings harm to their children. For example, Jong parents give him a computer with internet service. Jong always use the computer without their permissions when his parents go to work. This will enable Jong to have unlimited internet access until he forgets about his schoolworks. He will also find the pornography materials in the internet because the pornography advertisement will be found in certain website. After he watches all the pornography materials once, he will find and search again for the next time due to the internet is unlimited access for him. So, unlimited internet access will cause the people involve in yellow culture.

2. Curiousity
A child or an adolescent in particular may have great curiosity about the things he encounters in the world. Curiosity is normal and to be encouraged in many areas. Drugs and alcohol are not areas where curiosity should be indulged.Pornography movies are one activity that can be tantalizing to many children and adolescents. These movies are associated with adult material and kids may mistakenly feel “adult” watching them and emulating the behaviors seen in these movies. The children and...
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