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I would like to acknowledge the people who help me make this research paper possible. First of all, I would like to thank my teacher in English IV, Mrs. Nimfa G. Empedrad for teaching the steps and guiding us on how to write different parts of a research paper. Also, the Manila Bulletin where I can find all my articles or clippings. My classmates for explaining to me the things that I don’t easily get especially Von Eric, Ruby Mae, Mark Erwin and Karen Mae who accompany me to go to the Manila Bulletin. Next is the internet where I’ve found additional knowledge or information that helps me to make this research easily. The dictionary for the words that is hard for me to understand and Nathaniel Erik Lopez for clearing me up the thesis statement and giving me the possible title for my topic.


1. Allegedly – according to allegation
2. Bluster – to blow stormily; said of wind; to speak in a noisy or swaggering manner 3. Clout – a blow as with the hand
4. Diocese – the district under a bishop’s jurisdiction
5. Enactment – an enacting or being enacted; something enacted into as a law 6. Spouse – to support or adopt; to marry
7. Fallacious – erroneous; misleading; deceptive
8. Falsify – to misrepresent; to alter fraudulently; to prove to be untrue 9. Incite – to urge to action; rouse
10. Inclusion – an including or being included
11. Intrinsic – belonging to the real nature of a thing
12. Manifestation – a manifesting or being manifested; something that manifests 13. Obstetric – the branch of medicine concerned with the care and treatment of women in pregnancy and childbirth 14. Restriction – restricting or being restricted; something that restricts 15. Sedition – a stirring up of rebellion against the government 16. Spearhead – the point of spear; the leading person or group, as in an attack 17. Succumb – to give way; yield; to die

18. Surmount – to overcome; to be or rise above; to climb up and across 19. Synchronize – to move or occur at same time; having the same period between movements, occurrences, etc. 20. Torment – great pain or anguish



Thesis Statement: Will it be the answer for poverty?

I. Introduction

II. Passage of RH bill
A. Solons in RH bill
1. Confidence aired by solons
2. Solons thank Aquino
3. Civil disobedience won’t succeed
a. Civil disobedience not an option
B. Supporters of RH bill
1. Former Thai minister of health
2. Academe challenged
C. Anti-RH bill
1. RH won’t solve poverty
2. Pay taxes but not RH bill
3. Sedition’ raps for anti-RH

III. Religious Groups
A. They are welcome
1. Palace welcomes support from religious groups
B. They will fight
1. Government not picking a fight
a. Put us all in jail
b. RH advocates turning people vs. church
2. Row on RH bill raging
3. Bishop cites moral principles
4. Parishes rally Bulacan
IV. Talk about RH
A. Government
1. Palace opens to dialogue
a. RH bill up for debate in congress
b. House panel urged
2. PhilHealth revision

V. Conclusion

VI. Recommendation


Do you agree that Reproductive Health (RH) Bill is the answer for poverty? The Reproductive Health bill, popularly known as the RH bill, is Philippine bill that aims to guarantee universal access to methods and information or birth control and maternal care. The first time it was proposed was in 1998. The bills have become the center of national debate because of our different beliefs and opinions. Even though that was happened, there still a great debate on its key proposal that Filipino taxpayer and the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution on family planning devices.

The studies and surveys show that the Filipinos are responsive to...

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