Topics: Psychology, The Reader, Emotion Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The character in The Outsider are very complex. Darry, one of the characters in the book, is very bfiely described in the beginning. But, once we (the reader) dig deeper into the book, Darry unravels so we can understand him. Darrys is the “Parent” of Sodapop and Ponyboy. Being 20yrs old, he had to get pulled out of school early. Darry at first was described as hardworking, strict, and the man of the house. He was very much like all these characters. But, the reader should always be trying to look for more. Darry at one part of the book slaps ponyboy on the face. Sodapop and Ponyboy were very surprised of this reactions to Ponyboy staying out late. Darry emotions build up, up, and up till it expoded. He has a lot of pressure on his and he is responsible for both boys. Anyone with the responsibility of two lifes at this young age will be scared. Darry has to be strict to keep the family together. If not together they belong to the government, and may be separated forever. Being a provider, a brother and a parent are all very different aspects of this charcter. All these traits is what makes this character complex. Darry wanted to keep his family tight and make sure the boys don’t get into any trouble. Looming the fear of boys home Darry, slapps Ponyboy because of his bad behavior. This action may have made the family break little. Ponyboy didn’t know Darry was capable of hitting someone. Espially his borther. When a character builds up so much bad emotion or fear, they are surprised of their own actions. Think twice people taking actions, to prevent any misunderstanding. But, I guess Darry didn’t think before his actions.
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