Topics: Martin Guerre, Impostor, The Wife of Martin Guerre Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: August 26, 2014

The Wife of Martin Guerre
Janet Lewis

Arnaud du Tilh

Arnaud du Tilh is the man who impersonates Martin Guerre. The reader learns little of du Tilh himself. He remains unknown. What is revealed comes through the trial and at the very end by way of the confession he signs while in prison awaiting his execution (p.92). The narrative is mainly limited to Bertrande’s perspective and while his means the read is not given the point of view of du Tilh. There is much resistance to Bertrande’s lawsuit because this man’s behaviour has benefited so many. Sanxi’s relationship with him is positive, the household is happy and the farm runs successfully. The village is advantaged as well. The priest trusts him and considers him an advisor.

Physical description:
“He did not appear a monster” (p.53)
Turning points/Changes:
Arnaud’s arrival as Martin Guerre
Bertrande’s first suspicions that Arnaud was not Martin
The birth of Bertrande’s second son to Arnaud
The solider from Rochefort claiming that he was an impostor
Key Events:
Uncle Pierre and Bertrande charging Arnaud legally as being an impostor Martin’s return at the end of the novel
Key Quotes:
(from Bertrande) “the new Martin […] was the more greatly to be treasured because of the shadow of sin and danger which accompanied it” (p. 46) “There was no soul in my parish in Artigues who did not benefit in some way from him presence here.” (p.71 “He has had no respect for the laws, gentlemen. It breaks my heart to say that he has even declared there is no God. He has revered his parents not at all. With no faith, no respect for family, nor the law of the kingdom, what could one hope for, gentlemen? He has a good heart, that is all. But what is a good heart when he can so disgrace an honourable family?” (p. 85)
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