Ww2 Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast World War One (1914-1918) and World War Two (1939-1945)
World War One and World War Two were the most devastating wars in human history. Unlike previous wars, it was the time of huge technological progress that brought weapons capable of destroying enormous masses of people within a short period of time. Different in nature, WWI was a war for territories and resources, while WWII was a war of two different ideologies: Communism and Fascism. Despite different causes, method of warfare and outcomes, both wars were based on the ideas of nationalism and involved the whole nations and economic recourses in it. Nationalism and imperialism were at the core of two wars. Prior to the First World War, conflicting ambitions
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Due to the harsh conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany experienced economic and political instability. Not only Germany wanted to take revenge, but also demonstrate the whole world its domination. Moreover, rising power of Adolf Hitler and his alliance with Italy and Japan greatly opposed the Soviet Union. After Germany signed non-aggression pact with Poland, Hitler and Mussolini signed the Anti-Comintern Pact together with the Japanese, the main objective of which was to limit communist influence around the world (the alliance became known as the Axis Powers). Finally, in August 1939, Hitler and Stalin signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact, by which the two arch-enemies agreed not to attack each other and to divide Poland between them, though this second clause was kept secret.
Both Wars had global character, fought on many fronts and affected everybody. While WWI was fought in the trenches and used machine guns and poisonous gas, WWII was fought using modern artillery and machines utilizing more airplanes, ships, tanks, and submarines. However despite the differences in military technologies, the fatalities of the world were tremendous. The loss of resources Japan suffered in the Second World War due to the atomic bombs is still being mourned until today. The wars have influenced society, economics and minds of all people around the

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