Wrt 160 Visual Literacy Critique

Topics: Rhetoric, Education, Professor Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Spalter and van Dam’s article, Digital Visual Literacy, argues that in order for students to receive a well rounded education, it is necessary to bridge digital visual literacy with traditional textual and mathematical literacies. Through rhetorical appeal, Spalter and van Dam effectively persuade their intended audience to support their argument.

The authors of the article successfully gain the reader’s trust by establishing their own credibility. Spalter and van Dam open their article by giving their background; “Anne Morgan Spalter is a Visual Computing Researcher in the Brown University Computer Graphics Research Group and an Adjunct Lecturer; Andries van Dam is the Thomas J. Watson Jr. University Professor of Technology and Education and Professor of Computer Science, both at Brown University” (Spalter and van Dam, 2008). Their background exemplifies ethos, or ethical appeal. The authors are able to convince readers that they are trustworthy based on their impressive background and qualifications.

The essay aims it’s argument at an educated audience, specifically an audience of scholars. Spalter and van Dam state, “We hope that our framework of disciplinary areas and experiences with different instructional approaches, as well as materials provided online, will aid those of you undertaking this vital work” (Spalter and van Dam, 2008). The authors target an audience that takes interest in education and learning techniques. They pay particular attention to college course and framework, thus, the article is most likely to persuade university professors and/or those affected by college academia; i.e. parents of college students, and middle-aged scholars who have witnessed the 21st century’s technological advances.

Although Spalter and van Dam expect that their readers be somewhat familiar with K-12 education, they make few other assumptions. The theories and ideas that support their argument are detailed and explained throughout the text. Their statement,...
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