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‘Lash’ Against TV
In the article, “In Defense of the Written Word,” the authors talk about the significance of written words and the negative effects that TV and pictures have on the world. In today’s society, the amount of time people spend on reading has declined which is clearly seen through “the 1.9% decline of newspaper circulation of 815 of the nation’s largest in 2005." Although the creation of the television itself was a huge phenomenon to the world, it created a huge dent on the critical thinking aspect of society. In news reporting through broadcasting, it allowed people to spread word much more quickly but not with the complete story and idea. In a small amount of time, reporters are required to inform the public about big headlines stories with a very little period. But through the medium of words, one is better educated than through the medium of television and or pictures.

In the world of written words, one can read thoroughly and carefully with time to reflect upon what he or she has read. Televised news reports do not do a headline story justice. In the time given to talk about a certain subject, the reporter sometimes cannot give the complete story to the watcher. The people watching the news receive a poor image of what might have really happened. For example, a tsunami could have hit multiple cities and cause thousands of casualties but the news report on television only spend more or less two minutes on a topic of such severity and move on to a new one. One does not have time to reflect upon the gravity of the situation or even grasp the intensity of such an event. However, a story like this on a written newspaper requires much more effort and time to “research the facts” and “examine both sides of the story.” It would allow time to reflect and think about what he or she had just read. Television can also be very manipulative because a picture can make people feel a certain way and as the article says, “If TV metaphorically targets the...
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