Writing Research Proposal of Arms and the Man by Bernard Shaw

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Yona Grahitha


A) Background of the Study
Drama is a literary composition that tells a story, usually of human conflict by means of dialogues and actions, to be performed by actors. An important factor that supports in forming a drama is a character, which is played by players. The character is a person depicted in a narrative of drama. In addition, the character can be defined as one of intrinsic features that make up and distinguish an individual. There are some kinds of character which can be known, namely protagonist, antagonist, static, and dynamic character. Protagonist, generally, can be called as the major or main character. Conversely, antagonist is the character who opposes him or her (who plays the protagonist character). Whereas, a minor is a character which provides support and illuminates the protagonist character. Static and dynamic characters are a character who remains the same and a character that changes in some important way, respectively. The character is revealed by how a character responds to conflicts, by his or her dialogue, and through descriptions.

B) Scope of the Study
The writers choose to focus study on characters analyzing of the players in Arms and the Man play written by Bernard Shaw. C) Purpose of the Study
To describe every character that is played in this drama from sources. They are Rheina, Catherine, Louka, Major Petkoff, Sergious, Bluntschli, and Nicola.


A) Definition of Character
According to Brooks (2008:33) in his book Understanding Drama, character is that which reveals moral purpose, showing what kind of things a man chooses or avoids. Holmes (2009:77) says that the character is a total reaction and not a mental fragment. If any physical trace of any experience whatever remains over it is fair to assume that it will have some bearing upon the total after-reactions of the individual. Barnet (1961:507) also says that a character who is dominated by a single trait – avarice, jealousy, timidity, etc. There is sometimes called a humor character.

B) Various Kinds of Characters
According to Perrine (1988:67-69), in proportion to the fullness of their development, the characters in a story are: 1. Protagonist character is the leading male (female) character, who generally exhibits superior qualities or who simply is the main character. 2. Antagonist character is a character who is often characterized as evil and in opposition to the protagonist. 3. Flat characters are characterized by one or two traits; they can be summed up in a sentence. 4. Round character are complex and many-sided; they might require an essay for full analysis. 5. Static character is the same sort of person at the end of the story as at the beginning. 6. Dynamic character is a permanent change in some aspect of character, personality, or outlook. The change may be a large or a small one; it may be for better or for worse; but it is something important and basic; it is more than a change in condition or a minor change in opinion.


A) The Characters of Arms and The Man
The characters in Arms and the Man are clearly defined. Dialogue is more important than action, so, our judgment of characters depends on their speech. Unlike other playwrights, Shaw gives elaborate stage directions, which guide the judgment of the reader. The stage directions do not pertain only to movement or decor on stage but also a detailed description of the costume, appearance and nature of characters. The spectator, of course, depends on the dialogue and the interpretation of the actors. There are seven main characters that prominent in the drama of Arms and the...

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