Writing Assignment 1

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Intro to Psych Science – Writing Assignment #1
The research article consists of a study done by the Michigan State University theorizing the fact that there is a correlation between the children’s extent of creativity and the use of information technology. The information technology (IT) issues considered in this research are: usage of cell phone, usage of Internet, usage of computer and playing of videogames. However, the renowned subject of today: playing videogames and its relation to creativity took part as the main target in this research as it is known that an estimation of 72 percent of American households play videogames or computer games according to the Entertainment Software Association. The survey consisting of 491 middle-school children of 12 years age is found that any gender of this age who play video games tend to be more creative in tasks such as creating stories and drawing pictures compared to the children who do not participate in much of this activity regardless of race and gender.

The survey valuate on how frequently the participants utilize in various types of form of technology mentioned above and measured their creativity based on the “Torrance Test of Creativity-Figural” (L.A. Jackson 371) procedure. The children are to carry out two tasks, which will be acted out as stimuli to their creativeness. The first activity is known as the ‘Egg Story Test’ where a picture of a curved shaped is given, that takes after the form of an egg is to be completed by the children and a story based on the entire drawing is also to be provided by the

participant. Secondly, the next activity is called the ‘Elf Story Test’ where a new picture of an elf-like creature with a background is displayed for the children to form a story out of it by specifically answering the questions asked on it. After having the children with exposure to usage of numerous technology engaged in this process, results show that children who played videogames...
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