Write About the Ways Hossieni Tells the Story in Chapter 22

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Write about the ways Hosseini tells the story in chapter 22
- The voices that represent aspects of old and new Afghanistan (Assef - Taliban, Farid - How Afghanistan used to be) - Amir’s constantly thinking of/ aspiring to be like Baba (‘I wished he were standing alongside me now. Baba would have busted through the front doors and demanded to be taking to the man in charge’ Page 239) - Constantly thinking about America/Soraya (Marks on Assef similar to those of homeless people he saw in San Francisco, his wife being widowed) - Parallel storyline with Hassan and Amir with Amir and Sohrab (Standing up for/defending, rape/sexual abuse) - Time is prolonged and then quickens within the chapter (Waiting for interview takes longer, then the fight is in a shorter passage)

In chapter 22 Hosseini writes about the events of Amir confronting Assef in attempt of taking Hassan’s son back to America with him. Hosseini describes objects that Amir sees, which he often relates back to his home in America and his wife, Soraya. This is shown when he notices marks on Assef’s arms and realises that he had ‘seen those same tracks on homeless people living in grimy alleys in San Francisco’. This shows his constant distraction and worry for his home and the desire for the safety that the reader senses he has when in America. Soraya also provides a comfort for Amir, shown when Hosseini writes that Amir ‘thought about Soraya. It calmed me.’ This strongly suggests to the reader that Amir doesn’t want to be in this situation, also shown when Amir realises to himself that what he was doing ‘was insanity. Worse yet, it was irresponsible. There was a very realistic chance that I was going to render Soraya a biwa, a widow.’ This chapter is a turning point for this character, as he overcomes his cowardice that has been haunting him all his life. This is shown in the text when he is being beaten by Assef, but laughs and feels a sense of relief that he is getting what Amir feels he deserved....
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