Would You Agree with the View That Mussolini's Foreign Policy Was Always Expansionist?

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: November 12, 2009
Would you agree with the view that Mussolini’s foreign policy was always expansionist?

Mussolini’s foreign policy aimed to revise the Paris peace settlement., increase influence in the Balkans and Mediterranean and to expand Italy’s overseas colonial empire. In 1935 Mussolini achieved one of these aims by taking over Abyssinia, this increased his colonial empire. He was able to achieve this because of Britain and France’s ever increasing pre-occupation with Hitler’s Germany. Because Britain didn’t want Mussolini to unite with Hitler they allowed him more freedom so didn’t stop Italy from using the Suez Canal, which would have at least slowed down Mussolini’s efforts of taking over the country.

Another event caused by Mussolini that was expansionist was the take over of the town of Fiume off Yugoslavia. Although because Mussolini negotiated with the Yugoslavians for the town it can also be seen as diplomatic. Another time that Mussolini’s foreign policy was expansionist was when the Locarno pacts were signed in 1925, this made relations between Britain and Italy better and because of this Italy were made the protectorate of Albania, which increased there influence in the Balkans. Another time that Mussolini’s foreign policy was expansionist was when he signed the friendship treaties with other countries at the time who were also trying to revise the Paris peace treaties such as Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary. These were expansionist because they increased Italian influence in these countries. Mussolini was also expansionist when he signed the Rome-Berlin Axis which was a friendship treaty with Germany. Although this was only a friendship treaty it would have expanded Italian influence in Germany. Mussolini again showed he was expansionist when he signed the Pact of Steel with Germany. This was a defensive treaty. This may show that Mussolini was preparing himself for any future conflicts his country may have been involved in.

However Mussolini’s foreign...
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