Worst Lie of My Life…

Topics: Family, Joke, Laughter Pages: 3 (447 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Worst lie of my life…

The worst lie of my life was funny but it got me grounded. It all started from a phone call I made

to my cousin and how I said the lie and forgot about it. If I would not have forgotten about it, everything

would have been normal that day. It surprised my parents after I told them about what happened and

then they decided to ground me for the next day.

It all started with the phone call I made to my cousin Afsheen. The phone call was for just a

normal chit chat and gossip. In the middle of the conversation we were having, I cut her off in the

middle and randomly told her that she and her parents are invited for dinner at her house that night.

Although they were not but, I decided to tell her later that it was a lame joke and that I was just kidding.

As we chatted on I totally forgot about telling her that she and her family were not invited. Later

we finished chatting on the phone. In the evening my parents decided to have dinner outside that

night and so I and my siblings were excited about going to our favorite restaurant. Who knew things will

not work out the way it was actually planned.

As we got ready and almost ready to go out for dinner, the door bell rung. It was my cousin

with her family and my parents were surprised to see them. My parents got also surprised when my

uncle and aunt reminded them that they were the ones who invited them over dinner. My parents felt

embarrassed because they didn’t know about what was going on and so did my cousins parents.

I had to clear the confusion and explained how I joked with Afsheen about she and her parents

were invited over dinner. The worst part was when my cousin said “you lied!” and apparently the ugly

truth was I forgot about telling her that it was a joke and so because of that my parents thought I lied as


In the end I apologized for that lame joke and my parents decided to cook my...
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