Worst Day Ever

Topics: Sleep, Luck, Shower Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Worst Day
It was a one fine morning. The sun rose steadily, peeking through the curtain and illuminating Ian’s room beautifully as the sixteen-year-old boy was still deep in his slumber. Even the shrilly sound of the annoying alarm clock did not wake him up. It continued for about thirty minutes before Ian was greeted with ice-cold water on his face and body. Slowly, he opened his eyes and the realization sank in as soon as he saw his mother’s face. Judging from his mother’s facial expression, he knew that he was late to school again. He muttered a loud sorry to his mother as he darted to the bathroom for a quick shower. His mother could only shake her head at her son’s behaviour. Ian let out a painful moan when the steaming hot water hit his body. He backed away, trying to turn off the hot shower at the same time. Unfortunately, he burned his skin a few times before he finally succeeded. Finally, he gave up on showering and started to head down to catch up with the last bus to his school. As weird as it sounded, Ian had a bad feeling that it was going to be his worst day ever.

Everything seemed wrong from the very start. First of all, he began his day late as he woke up late for school that day. So here he was, chasing after the bus which already on its way with its loyal morning passenger all aboard. Ian knew that it was a futile attempt because once the bus had moved away from the bus stop; there was no way to stop it. He plopped down lazily on his buttock on the cold chair in the bus stop. His stomach was grumbling because he missed his breakfast as a result of waking up late. His mother won’t let him have even just a small bite of those delicious home-made pancakes of hers. Ian glanced down at his red wristwatch, it read 8.01am. Sighing out of frustration, he decided that it would be best if he started walking to school. As he walked, he muttered some incoherent curse words under his breath, unaware of the presence of a large, black dog creeping up...
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