World War I and Propaganda

Topics: Woodrow Wilson, World War I, George Creel Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Propaganda refers to the use of communication techniques to affect people’s thinking and behavior. Any technique or action that attempts to influence the emotions, attitudes, values, beliefs, or actions of a group can be described as propaganda. Wartime propaganda was made to lure people into contributing to the war in different ways. Propaganda takes on many different forms. Movies would be shown to people in movie theaters. Brochures were handed out to people walking by on the streets or in crowded places. There weir public speakers at gatherings or public meetings. Statements would be announced on the radio about the war. People would go to the movie theaters to watch the news and they would see newsreels. Posters were displayed and they were the most effective way of getting a message across. Posters were very effective because they could be made into any size. Posters could be made large so it would catch people's eyes. They could also be made small so it would be easier to hang up. Posters would put an image into people’s head because they were often very creative, detailed and artistic. Posters could be put anywhere such as really crowded places so more people would see it. Posters costed less and could be made of in a shorter time. They could also be hung up anywhere and anytime. In world war one countries resorted to propaganda because they desperate and needed more people to help during the war. Propaganda would help the government motivate citizens to help their country out. The government needed to get messages across to citizens for different reasons. The government would sometimes want to get other people to go against and hate on other countries. They would make posters about other countries giving other people bad messages about those countries. The government would make citizens believe that their enemies’ weir savages. During the war many lives were taken very easily and quickly so the army was short of men to they needed more to join....
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