World War 2

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World War I
There are many important events in history. Through 1914-1918 there were great conflicts that made World War I. There have been many different causes of WWI, and tremendous effects, as a result of the first modern war.

There were many different causes of this war. The first cause was militarism. Militarism is when a country wants to have a better military better than the others. Germany was one of those countries. They tried building up their military. It then became a completion with the other countries which were Russia and France. The second cause was Imperialism. Imperialism is when all countries competed for colonies. Some imperialist countries were: Germany, Britain, Russia and France. Britain feared Germany would take away it’s colonies in Africa. The third cause of World War I was the formation of alliances. Alliances are political friendships between countries. Two alliances were the Triple Entente and the Central Powers. Alliances occur when there’s an agreement between countries to have peace, if one is attacked, the other has to help. The Alliances were the triple Ententé who were France, Russia and Britain. The other allies were Germany, Austrian/Hungary and Ottoman Empire who made up the Central Powers. One of the major causes of World War I was that when one country was attacked, its friends (allies) would jump into the war effort and this resulted in total war. In conclusion, militarism, imperialism and alliances all resulted in starting World War I. The new technology developed at this time in the war field, made this a modern war. Many new technologies were used. Trench warfare was one them. Trench warfare was a type of fighting developed on the ground where soldiers built trenches into the dirt for protection; unfortunately, dirty conditions resulted in diseases and infections toward soldiers who died from this exposure. Another example of modern technology...
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