Workplace Monitoring

Topics: Surveillance, Employment, Privacy Pages: 8 (2284 words) Published: January 30, 2013
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Workplace Monitoring
Submitted by Vinay Sagar andugula
Due Date 13/01/13
Lecture: Hans Telford
Course Coordinator: Ritesh Chugh

Executive Summary
This report on a study involving a research on workplace monitoring in a bank located in Sydney Australia. This report focuses on advantages and disadvantages of workplace surveillance on both employee and employer perspectives. Some of the results state that employee monitoring plays a critical role in any industry. Employee monitoring has become much easier with use of new and cheaper technologies. Employers use monitoring devices to keep a track of their employee actions. Some employees feel that too much monitoring would restrict their privacy. Workplace monitoring can help employees remain safe and focus in their work. Monitoring is used to increase the performance of the employee, customer satisfaction and productivity of organisation. A company can monitor its employee in various monitoring techniques like video monitoring; call monitoring, computer monitoring and location monitoring. There are some advantages and disadvantages in workplace monitoring; it will result in higher quality improvement. Managers can compare between employees who are dedicated and those who do not make an effort. As employee know they are been monitored and they try to give their best. Employers should ensure that the technology is being used correctly. Hostile monitoring can result some of the employee privacy restriction and increase stress. Employee monitoring is must in every organisation as it indicates safety of organisation, employee and customers.

Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Employee Monitoring and Types of Monitoring
3.1 Employee Monitoring
3.2 Types of Monitoring
3.0 Risk involved in workplace monitoring
4.0 Conclusion
5.0 Recommendation
6.0 Reference

1.0 Introduction
Modern business dynamics has become complex such that organisation require multiple information systems to support their business processes. However, these systems may become difficult to manage if they are not integrated and create obstacles in efficient productivity. Workplace monitoring is one of the controversial issue involving around surveillance in workplace. In employee monitoring the information gathered by examine employee is used in many ways; by monitoring an employee his behaviour at workplace can be concluded. However, implementation of electronic monitoring is not without the knowledge of its employee. Proper evaluation of an electronic monitoring is required to be conducted by organisation before adopting it. Change in organisational mindset is required since workplace monitoring would require complex operations to be performed which would impact on organisation reputation and productivity. The result will look into different aspects that a typical organisation would face if an employee file a case against organisation for a false decision taken on employee. Workplace monitoring are of many types some include as CCTV monitors, E-mail checking, location tracking and blocking restricted sites (social networking). Generally in employee monitoring controversies occur mainly in three states. Firstly, when employee monitoring goes beyond what is necessary. Secondly, when employer demands the executives how the employee spends their exact time at workplace. Third, monitoring of employee compromises the negative effects, working level, trust and level of control. Some employees can support some of the aspects of monitoring and some may oppose it as it may interfere their personal aspects. However, everyone has right for some privacy at workplace; law has set some limits in monitoring employee. As by law where employers intend to monitor their staff they should consult the staff and...
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