Working Conditions in the Late 1700 Tha Led to Reform Working Conditions

Topics: Trade union, Industrial Revolution, Industrial Workers of the World Pages: 4 (421 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Binta Barry

HR as the Vanguard of Employee Governance , Assignment 1-3

HRM402/ Module1 / 30/06/11

Key Events in the History of Workers in United States

|Key Event |Rationale for Selecting as a Key Event | |Pre-Industrial Period | |1. | | |2. |Black women received half the wages the white women earned" (46-47). These| |Racial division of labor |statements about the tobacco industry describe the condition of many | | |African-Americans, especially those living in the south and west | |3. |Carpenters in Boston were the first to stage a strike for the 10-hour | |27 April 1825 |work-day. | | | | |Industrial Period | |1. |This practice is considered exploitative by many international | | |organizations and is illegal in many countries. Child labor was utilized | |...

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